Thursday Quotables (2)




Thursday Quotables is a weekly meme hosted at Bookshelf Fantasies. You choose a quote from your latest book read for the week. It can be a quote that made smile or laugh, had you crying, or just interesting in general.


This week, I quote from Kate Meader’s latest release, All Fired Up.


“I know you’ve been wondering how we got here, Cara. How we both could have done something so crazy.” He caressed her hip, absorbing the shock of heat he found there. “This is what happened that night. This feeling.”

He wished he could articulate it better but that was the best he could do. There she had stood in the middle of her family and friends, looking like the experience was entirely alien to her. Like she had been deposited there from the mother ship and didn’t recognize a single person. Shane knew exactly how that felt–to not belong, to be unsure of your place. The night had been spent turning wisps of recognition into strings of connection. They got drunk, they shared stories, they laughed a lot.



16173214I’m loving this book so much right now. Shane and Cara are characters that I genuinely want to know better. And I like how Kate Meader slowly but surely lets her readers get to know these intriguing, mysterious, flawed characters. 


I love the quote above because it’s one of the prime examples in the book, among many, of how these two people, who would have nothing common between them at first glance, seem to find common ground in the most unlikely of things: their innermost emotions. 







2 thoughts on “Thursday Quotables (2)”

  1. I like the comparison to feeling like an alien deposited from the mother ship! Who hasn’t felt that way in a crowd before? Sounds like you’re really enjoying this book — great choice!


    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I just finished this a couple of minutes ago and it was amazing. 🙂 And yeah, I could totally relate to that feeling so this quote really struck a chord with me.


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