Thursday Quotables (3)



Thursday Quotables is a weekly meme hosted at Bookshelf Fantasies. You choose a quote from your latest book read for the week. It can be a quote that made smile or laugh, had you crying, or just interesting in general.

This week, I quote from Laura Florand‘s, The Chocolate Rose.

And now—she had reached one of those slim hands of hers into him and closed it around his heart.

And she just held it there. How was he supposed to move around, continue to live calmly and strongly, while someone was squeezing his heart like that? He was afraid if he got up too fast from the café table or walked too quickly and outpaced her, it would get ripped right out of his body.

And it was hard to walk as slowly as she did. He supposed she had a nice long stride for someone her size. But he was used to consuming his day in a blur of speed.

Now he was getting ridiculous. She couldn’t literally rip his heart right out of his body if he made the wrong move.



17787183I’ll confess that I skipped this book and jumped straight to The Chocolate Touch after reading The Chocolate Kiss because I was so eager to read Dominique’s story. And now, while waiting for my copy of Laura Florand’s latest literary concoction, I started reading the book that I had skipped. And as always, Laura Florand’s writing leaves me breathless. She doesn’t shy away from making her heroes emotional at times, with their thoughts and in their words. And Gabriel Delange was no exception.


I love the quote above because the imagery it creates for me is so powerful and so wonderful especially in the context of the story.


What do you guys think about this quote?



2 thoughts on “Thursday Quotables (3)”

  1. So interesting… but so confusing too! I had to go look up the book and read a description to see if it was a love story or some sort of supernatural drama involving actual removal of hearts. LOL, I’ve been watching too much TV, I think. But really, I like it! It’s a nice metaphor for how much power love and attraction can have, feeling it physically like that. I hadn’t heard of the book before (obviously 🙂 ), but now I’m interested!


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