Thursday Quotables (3)



Thursday Quotables is a weekly meme hosted at Bookshelf Fantasies. You choose a quote from your latest book read for the week. It can be a quote that made smile or laugh, had you crying, or just interesting in general.

This week, I quote from Courtney Milan‘s, The Countess Conspiracy.

“I’m a daring man,” Sebastian said lightly. “An intrepid explorer. I have done many things.”

“Yes,” she responded in almost the same tone. “You braved the wasteland of Violet Waterfield, the dangerous shark-infested waters of her most treacherous coasts. And you lived to tell the tale.”

There was a hard light in her eyes as she spoke.

You’re not a wasteland, he wanted to say. She’d do anything for the people she loved—anything, except take compliments from them.

So he just shrugged. “I brought tea for the wasteland,” he informed her.

“What? Why? Are you practicing to become a footman?”

“No. I’m practicing to be a pest.”

“You don’t need any practice. You’re already an expert.”



I can’t gush enough about how awesome this book is. The Countess Conspiracy is one of my best reads of 2013. Everything was simply perfect. From that first word in that first chapter to the very last page, it was like everything was just right in the world. Courtney Milan gives us a wonderful story about two amazingly complex but completely endearing characters.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book other than that first revelation in the first chapter, which Courtney Milan had already included in a teaser at the end of The Heiress Effect. But what she gave her readers, gosh! Mind blown!

As for quotes, there were so many that I’ve highlighted all throughout the book and in the interest of not spoiling the experience for those who haven’t read the book yet, I just picked this short, sweet, and funny exchange between our two main characters.

What do you guys think about this quote?



Go grab a copy of this amazing book and treat yourself to a great reading experience!






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