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The Reading and Reviewing Challenge 2014 is hosted @ The Mad Reviewer. It’s always been my goal to review all the books that I’ve read. Unfortunately, I haven’t fulfilled this 100% since I started my blog in September of 2013. But I’m setting this goal again this new year and this challenge would help me reach that goal.

I’ve signed up for the Crazy Reviewer Level.

Below are the details of the challenge.


The Mad Reviewer created the following levels for challenge participants.

1.  Mad Reviewer: 104 books in one year. (2 books a week all year.)

2.  Crazy Reviewer: 52 books in one year. (1 book a week all year.)

3.  Slightly Sane Reviewer: 26 books in one year. (1 book every fortnight all year.)

4.  Sane Reviewer: 12 books in one year.  (1 book every month all year.)


The Rules:

1.  Self-published, independently published and traditionally published books are all completely acceptable.  Whether you read print copies or ebook copies makes no difference at all.

2.  No audiobooks.  I’d prefer people to read the books themselves, not have someone reading to them.  Audiobooks can absolutely be a valuable tool for busy readers but they’re not really in the spirit of this challenge.

3.  I don’t have a sign up form but if you intend to do this challenge you must post a comment below.  That way I can contact you at the end of 2014 if you haven’t submitted your reviews to me for verification.

4.  You can review your books on any site.  Your own blog, Goodreads, someone else’s blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  The point is just to review the books you read!

5.  The draw for the 2014 prizes will take place on January 3, 2015.  This will give everyone time to tell me they’ve finished their chosen level and I’ll have time to actually verify the reviews.  If you’ve completed your level and haven’t informed me by the evening of January 2 that’s just too bad.  The draw will happen regardless.


Prize Selection:

Anyone who completes the level they stated as their goal will be entered into a draw.  How many entries you get will be determined by what level you’ve achieved:

Mad Reviewer (104 books): 4 entries

Crazy Reviewer (52 books): 3 entries

Slightly Sane Reviewer (26 books): 2 entries

Sane Reviewer (12 books): 1 entry



If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up HERE.





One thought on “The Mad Reviewer Reading & Reviewing Challenge 2014 Sign Up”

  1. I was thinking about signing up for this one, but I feel like I can write a better review if I just finished reading the book. Do you reread the books, or just write the review much later based on what you remember from the book?


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