Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition (10)


Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition is a meme hosted by Tin @ Love Saves the World and Mary @ Buried Under Romance where you get to feature historical romance novels published before October 3, 2008.

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This week, I’m featuring Gaelen Foley.

297887One Night of Sin, published in 2005


From Goodreads:

Renowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord Alec Knight, who never looked for love, until it was right in front of him. . . .

Lord Alec Knight, the most daring and handsome rogue in all of London, is a smooth-talking aristocrat with an abundance of high-society lady admirers. With his irresistible wit, lucky hand at the gaming tables, and enticing charisma, he can have any woman he wants. But when the only girl he would have considered marrying ties the knot with someone else, Alec realizes he doesn’t want to be with just any lady, he wants to find the love of his life.

The boldly spirited, beautiful Miss Becky Ward takes his life by storm after he rescues her from peril. Alec soon learns that she is on the run from her cousin, the murderous Prince Mikhail Kurkov. Becky has uncovered a menacing secret about the prince, now nothing will stop him from hunting her down. In the midst of danger, Alec and Becky find themselves deeply drawn to each other. After the two spend an all-consuming night of sin, Becky’s knight in shining armor vows on his honor to protect her until the end. But before long, Alec is protecting her with more than honor and it seems the once untamed rake of London just may have found what he has been searching for all along . . . true love.


This is my second favorite in the Knight Miscellany series by Gaelen Foley. There are a lot of mixed reviews about this book but for my money, I really loved it. The characters are so intense, as well as all the most crucial scenes. I really felt a lot for the Alec and Becky. At one point, the book made me cry not because it was a tearjerker per se (although it was heartbreaking in that one scene) but because I really felt connected to the characters and Gaelen Foley did such a wonderful job making them feel like real people with real emotions who go through happy as well tough times. A plus for me for this book is how Gaelen characterized Alec. I really appreciate the internal conflict that the author was able to create for him. It was the first time I’ve read a story like his and I just really appreciated the treatment that Gaelen did in this book in that regard.


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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition (10)”

  1. I’ve only read a few books by this author. Is she still writing her Inferno Club series? I read book 1 of that but was never able to follow the rest of the books.

    Becky sounds like a great heroine. ^_^


    1. She’s finishing up her Inferno Club series with the last book out sometime this year. Now, I’m wondering what her next project would be. Like I’ve told Renee, I’ve read all her books and loved them all. 🙂


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