Top Ten Tuesday (14): Books That Will Make You Swoon



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the gals at The Broke and the Bookish. For this week, here’s my Top Ten Books that will make you swoon. Get ready for the feels.



the chocolate touch fangirl any duchess will do

10. The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand – French guy who’s a pastry chef, Paris, chocolates, and love! Dominique Richard will have you swooning in this fourth installment in the Amour et Chocolat series. A hero who fears his strength might hurt those he love especially the one woman his heart and soul long for.


9. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Oh, Levi! He wasn’t even in my radar at the beginning of the book but had me swooning by the end. Slow burn and sweet romance, just the way I like it.


8. Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare – This is my first Tessa Dare book and it blew my mind. I had no expectations when I started this one but by the time I finished it, my expectations for other books were just raised to a higher level all because of the unbelievable standards in story-telling, characterization, and romance build-up that this book has set.




match me if you can devil in winter one good earl deserves a lover


7. Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips – Sparks fly from the very first page where Annabelle and Heath first met, when she (with Medusa hair) is trying to land her first big client (who’s perfectly tailored and ruggedly handsome) for her matchmaking agency and they just kept burning and burning as the story progresses. I love the witty banter and the sexy times that Susan Elizabeth Phillips never fails to deliver in her books especially this one.


6. Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas – Redemption has never been sweeter or hotter than in this novel. A rogue reforming is already swoon-worthy in my book but even more so when said rogue is Sebastian and the reason for his personal development and improvement is his feelings for Evie, although I believe he does this transformation unaware most of the time.


5. One Good Earl Deserves A Lover by Sarah MacLean – This book has cemented my love for Sarah MacLean. She can write no wrong. And the romance between two seemingly worlds-apart couple rocks my world and makes me swoon at their feet. Their love story is heartfelt and yet sexy, freeing and yet naughty.



the story guy a kiss for midwinter  romancing mister bridgerton


4. The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers – The swoon level for this one is really, really, really high. And it’s a novella. If the blurb alone does not make you swoon, I don’t know what else might. I still sigh whenever I remember this book and how I felt about reading it.


3. A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan – Oh, this novella. I can’t think about anything that I did not like in this book. Every word is there for a purpose. Perfection is what it is. I just love how Jonas loves Lydia. Imperfectly perfect.


2. Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn – This is my favorite in the Bridgerton series although The Viscount Who Loved Me is a close second. The swoons and the feels that I got from reading this book are just too many to mention. I love the development from friendship to romance, it was so satisfying and sweet watching Colin and Penelope fall in love.



the countess conspiracy hostage to pleasure


Tied at 1 ( because I just can’t choose…)

1. Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh – Imagine being strongly attracted to a race you’ve sworn to despise. That’s the struggle Dorian had to overcome in this Nalini Singh masterpiece. And I just love watching him break down his own barriers and prejudices and open his eyes and heart to a love that will both save him and the woman he has given his to. Every chapter is swoon-worthy, projected to the nth power because of Nalini’s masterful writing.


1. The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan – Sebastian and Violet have become two of my favorite characters and couples of all time. The complexity of their personalities and their relationship with each other are bringing in the feels all around. At times, it was devastating to watch them struggle but I couldn’t let go because I know the journey will take me to a satisfying conclusion. And Courtney Milan does not disappoint. Ever.



There you go. My Top Ten Tuesday for this week. What are yours? Leave your link in the comment section and I will definitely check them out.



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (14): Books That Will Make You Swoon”

  1. I love Julia Quinn’s works too, though I picked “Brighter than the Sun” for my list but I really enjoyed “Romancing Mr Bridgerton” as well.

    I think the repeated recommendations of Fangirl from everyone I’ve come across means I’ll have to read it soon! Plus, both of your number one picks sound really interesting. They are not authors I’m familiar with but from what you’ve written, they both sound like something right up my alley! So thanks for the recommendations!!!


    1. Oh, please give Fangirl a try. And I hope you get to read The Countess Conspiracy and Hostage to Pleasure. And when you do, I’d love to hear what you think about them. 🙂


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