Review: SATISFACTION by Sarah Mayberry


Book Info:

Title: Satisfaction
Author: Sarah Mayberry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2014
Source: received eARC from the author

Book Blurb:

Maggie Hendricks loves her life. She’s got a great job, amazing friends. Everything is perfect – except for one smallish problem. Maggie can’t quite get there, sexually speaking. It’s just never happened for her. And while she tells herself she’s fine with that, she can’t help feeling as though she’s missing out.

When her friend shares the intimate details of an encounter with an extremely talented lover, Maggie makes a desperate pact with herself. She will seduce this man – or allow him to seduce her – and if he can’t get her there…well, then she’ll hand herself over to medical science. A simple enough plan. What could possible go wrong?

Within minutes of meeting Rafel Oliveira, Maggie knows the answer to that one: plenty. But Rafel turns out to be far more than simply talented in the bedroom. As he takes her on a journey toward the ultimate pleasure, Maggie finds herself craving a lot more than his beautiful body. The question is, is Rafel’s heart available for the taking?





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My Review:

Oh, how I’ve missed Sarah Mayberry’s books. Her writing just works for me on so many levels. I’ve never read a book of hers that has disappointed me. And I don’t think that will ever happen. In her latest work, she takes the bulls by the horns with her plot. No apologies. No excuses. I love the honesty and openness with which she tells the story.

Yet again, she’s able to create such wonderful characters that you can’t help but root for. You want to know more about them because they’re such interesting personas. And you feel invested in whatever happens to them, both individually and as a couple.

I felt for Maggie throughout the book. She struggles with a very unique (plot-wise, in the literary universe) situation and Sarah Mayberry really just does an incredible job translating that struggle to the readers. Maggie’s long and arduous journey to get… there was handled in a way that really felt empowering for women all over. I think the author drives a very important point in this book when it comes to independence, self-confidence, and the pursuit of happiness, not just for women but for people in general.

As for Rafel, I loved him to bits. The thing about Sarah Mayberry’s heroes is that they’re very relatable and accessible for readers. Yes, they’re totally hot and swoon-worthy but they’re complex and layered people as well. There’s so much to admire about them but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Their imperfection is what makes them heroes you want to root for. And Rafel is all that. I particularly love how Sarah colored his personality more with the use of his past relationship. It isn’t just black or white but different shades of gray.

Sarah Mayberry delivers another intense yet heartwarming story about two people’s journey of love. Add to that are the witty banters and some very interesting secondary characters. Plus, out of all her books I’ve read, this book is among those that really had scorching hot love scenes throughout the book. But I’m not fazed with that at all because I know everything she wrote had a purpose within the story. That’s how great a writer she is and that’s why I love her.

My Rating: New favorite!

5 stars



About the Author:

sarah-mayberryI grew up in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve pretty much always wanted to be a writer. In pre-school I was always rifling through the craft cupboard, looking for paper to take home and turn into “books”. And I’ve always loved reading. As a teenager, I perfected the art of walking home from school while reading at the same time. (Okay, occasionally I tripped.)

I discovered romance novels through both my grandmothers. On my mother’s side, it was old hard-cover romances from the sixties. My father’s mother was a little more hip – she had the latest Mills and Boons and I tore through them like a greedy little so-and-so.  Which kind of naturally led to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams teen romances. Those were the days…

After I finished high school, I did a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. I started trying to write my first romance novel around that time. Thanks to Georgette Heyer, my early attempts were all Regency romances. They will never see the light of day. Enough said. Then I tried contemporary romance. Again, no joy. But I was building an extensive collection of rejection letters, so there’s always a bright side.

Since no one was banging down my door offering me a publishing contract for a gazillion dollars, I took a job in trade journalism writing about…wait for it…hardware. Nuts and bolts and electric drills. Six years of them, in fact. From journalism I moved into corporate communications for a major retailer, launching a new consumer magazine for them, and finally I wound up working in television on Australia’s longest running serial drama, Neighbours. This was a great job, and it taught me an enormous amount about character, story, structure and emotional story telling. It also helped me see where I’d been going wrong with my romance writing.

I went back to the drawing board. I wrote. I submitted. I waited. More than a year and a couple of revisions later, I got The Call. Much dancing with underwear on head and champagne swilling ensued.

I still write for TV – mostly Neighbours, but I also co-created a teen drama series called Karaoke High that screened in New Zealand, Canada, France and Australia. And I occasionally help out on other shows and consult on movie projects. Mostly, though, it’s just me in my PJs, hanging around with my laptop, writing about the stuff I love to read – romance. Long may it continue!

Connect with Sarah Mayberry:

Website  |  Blog  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  




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