Quote-tastic (2): CRASH INTO YOU by Katie McGarry

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CRASH INTO YOU by Katie McGarry


crash into you
“It’s okay, Rachel. Go ahead.” He angles so that the tiger is closer to me.


I outline the tattoo, enjoying its beauty. “I love this one.”

In the beams of street light scattered into the dark bedroom by the slatted blinds, I watch as Isaiah’s eyes melt into silver. “It’s my favorite,” he says. “One day I’ll get a tattoo for you.”

Warmth explodes in my chest, in awe that he would mark himself for me. “You don’t have to.”

“I will.” His fingers trace my cheek and chills of pleasure run down my spine. “It’s what I do. Each tattoo represents the only happy memories I’ve had. And you, Rachel, you’re the happiest.” 


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