Review & Giveaway: STOLEN BREATHS by Pamela Sparkman


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Stolen Breath cover

Title: Stolen Breaths
Author: Pamela Sparkman
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: January 29, 2014

“I have dents, bruises, scars, and cracks so deep that it’s a wonder I’m not in a million pieces…”

Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes pain lies underneath, buried so deep that for a moment you let yourself forget – until you can’t.

I didn’t realize how numb I was until I started feeling again, and he made me feel – everything. Cooper Hudson came into my life when I needed him the most – twice.

This is my story. This is the story of us.

“It was funny how you never really realized how lifeless you were until someone came along and gave you that shock to the chest that forced your heart to start beating again.”


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My Review:


The story in a nutshell…

Lily comes back to her hometown after she receives the news of her father’s fatal car accident. Although, she’s not the outgoing type of person, her father’s death has left her feeling more alone in the world. That is, until she meets Cooper. Cooper’s a bit of a celebrity as he’s a well-known performer (sings and plays the guitar) at the local bar. They both can’t deny their attraction to each other, both physically and emotionally, and their growing feelings but each has to struggle with his or her own secrets from the past. And these secrets are not the least bit harmless.


What worked for me?

I love the overall message of the book. It is full of hope and a very uplifting story about two people who’ve struggled to get past their histories and come out as stronger and happier people.

I also appreciated how the author used music and lyrics in the story. I had to check some of the songs on YouTube because I was not familiar with them but after listening to the songs specifically the lyrics of the songs, I was able to connect it more to what was happening with the characters.

Most of the time, I get that the story has a subdued, almost melancholic quality to its tone and while that does not bother me at all, I still enjoyed the lighter sides sprinkled throughout the book: from Lily’s friends’ personalities to Cooper’s friend Joe’s unstoppable jokes to Cooper and Lily’s exchange of cute banters.

I don’t want to risk any spoilers so I’ll just have to say that I also appreciated how the author handled the issues that were later on revealed in the book. The trajectories of the character development of both Cooper and Lily were believable in this regard.

Plus, how swoon-worthy is Cooper? If ever a guy would love you, you’d want him to love you as much as Cooper so obviously loves Lily.


What didn’t work for me?

I had a little problem with how fast these two seemed to just fall in love with each other. And although it was later revealed how these two people are connected somehow, I had misgivings about the foundation of that. I know they have strong feelings for each other, I would have liked a little more groundwork on this front.

I’m a big fan of romance, of the grand gestures, of love stories and while I did enjoy watching Cooper and Lily express their love for each other there were times when I felt there was too much fluff going on. Not that fluff is bad because it isn’t. I love Fluff. And Cheese. But there were those moments in the book that were a bit overwhelming in terms of the amount. Having said that, I still think Cooper is a sweet guy with a heart too good to be true, in a good way. He loves Lily so much and that really translated well in his words and actions.


My over-all take on it?

Get ready to sigh and cry and then laugh, live, and be merry. Cooper’s and Lily’s story is a journey of the heart, a journey of the soul. These characters are able to find the road to their happiness not just because they found each other but because they choose to be together and they choose to be happy. And while fate may play a part in their lives, it’s their choices that will keep them together.


My rating: 3 lovely stars!

 3 stars



About the Author:

I grew up in Alabama and have always been an avid reader. I had a stack of those Little Golden Books and I can remember reading Three Little Kittens over and over and over again. It was my favorite.

Fast forward and the older I got the more in love with books I became. So, I’m admitting that I am a huge nerd. The only reading I don’t like are those math word problems. And I’m okay with that because no one has ever asked me in real life… “If I give you two bananas and take away six apples, how long will it take the southbound train to collide with the northbound train if Johnny left his house at midnight?” It just doesn’t happen.

So, yeah, books are my thing.

Oh and music. All kinds. Love.It.

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*The author is hosting a tour-wide Rafflecopter giveaway for four (4) eBook copies of STOLEN BREATHS (INT).

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