Guest Post & Giveaway: LIFE’S WHAT YOU MAKE IT by Theresa Troutman

Cover ~ Life's What You Make It (1)

Cover ~ Life's What You Make ItTitle: Life’s What You Make It (Love’s Great Adventure Series)
Author: Theresa Troutman
Genre: Mature Young Adult +16
Publisher: Indie Published
Publication Date: April 28, 2014
Cover by: James
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Shes everything Im not and everything I want to be.

Sebastian Irons life is spiraling out of control. Over the course of one week: Sebastian witnesses death, runs away with his best friends girl, gets kicked out of his English prep school, and is banished to America by his domineering mother to repeat his senior year of high school.

In America, Sebastian struggles to find self-discipline and a purpose to turn his life around. He meets Tess Hamilton, the only person to show him any kindness in his new school. Little does he know, she is the savior tutor hired by his mother to help him improve his grades. The two slowly begin to build a friendship.

As their friendship blossoms, Sebastian begins to have romantic feelings for Tess. She claims to only wants a plutonic relationship, but Sebastian feels the undeniable spark that sizzles between them every time they are together.

Forces beyond their control will either bring Sebastian and Tess closer together or tear them apart.

Will Sebastian return to his old habits or find the strength to be the person worthy of Tesslove?




Guest Post from Theresa Troutman:


Six words to describe Life’s What You Make It

1. Libertine – A person who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility. When we meet Sebastian Irons, he is living the life of a Libertine. He has no moral compass as he goes from party to party engaging in random hook-ups and excessive alcohol and drug consumption.

2. Privilege – A special right or advantage available to a particular group. Sebastian lives the life a privilege and makes no apologizes for it. It becomes a point of contention between Sebastian and Tess Hamilton, who comes from a poor family.

3. Love – An intense feeling of deep affection. Although Sebastian tries to be detached and aloof with his friends, he feels deeply for his Nanny and later Tess.

4.   Loyalty – A strong feeling of support or allegiance. Since Sebastian and his mother are always at odds, the one virtue he values most is loyalty. The loyalty of Nanny, Henry, Alice and Tess help him become and an independent person.

5. Friendship – A state of mutual feeling of deep affection. Sebastian values friendship, but has very few true friends in his life. Alistair, Penny and Tess are the few real friends Sebastian can count on.

6. Death – Death has been a huge influence in the lives of Sebastian and Tess. They bond over the experience and it’s the catalyst that ultimately brings them together as a couple.




About the Author:

Author Pic ~ Theresa TroutmanTheresa Troutman is a Young Adult/New Adult Romance author who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their crazy dog, Niko. She loves reading, theatre, traveling and is an active member of the SCBWI. My Secret Summer is her first published work. Her latest release is A Special Connection and her first full length novel, Life’s What You Make It will be available in April 2014.

Connect with Theresa Troutman:

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Grand prized winner will be a signed copy of Life’s What You Make It and a swag pack. (US Only) Additional prizes will be an e-book of Life’s What You Make It (worldwide), an e-book copy of Special Connection (worldwide), 3 swag packs (US Only).

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