Bookish Stuff: Meet & Greet with Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, and Ransom Riggs

Oh, the things you do for books, for authors, for author-signed books.

Saturday of last week, I attended my second book signing event at one of the major malls in the city. Visiting Manila were three very talented and best-selling authors: Tahereh Mafi (totally fangirl-ed over her!), Veronica Rossi, and Ransom Riggs.

I was sick the day before that I was even able to report for work. I had kept thinking that it was too  bad if I would miss the event, which I had been waiting for for weeks already. Luckily, I got better. Or it was that I really just willed my body to be better because there was no way I was going to miss meeting one of my favorite authors.

There were a lot of people who attended the event. And when I say a lot, that’s saying about 1,200 people! The event was scheduled to start at 2 pm and I arrived there at around 10 am for the registration. Guess what number I got? 674! 674! We heard that the first people in line had been there since 2 am. That was insane! And completely understandable! ^_^

I got my books signed at around 7 pm so basically I was there for a little over 9 hours. But it was totally worth it. Here are some of the photos that I took.

20140426_184303(0)with Tahereh Mafi

20140426_184132with Veronica Rossi


20140426_184452with Ransom Riggs

20140427_122645 20140427_122554 20140427_122735 20140427_122800

20140427_122612 20140427_122706

Here are their wonderful signatures! ^_^




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