Interview, Excerpt, & Giveaway: THE ONCE AND FUTURE DUCHESS by Sophia Nash

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CoverTitle: The Once and Future Duches
Series: Royal Entourage Series Book 4
Author: Sophia Nash
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A duchess in time saves a noble line…

In theory, the Duke of Candover is the most eligible peer in the realm. But in truth, he has a deep aversion to the merest hint of marriage, not to mention two botched engagements which have marked his jaded soul. Now, after a debauched bachelor party that causes public outcry, the Prince Regent is demanding that it’s Candover’s turn to be brought to heel. And Prinny secretly believes that Isabelle Tremont, the Duchess of March, is precisely the lady up to the challenge.

Isabelle must marry, but a day of reckoning with the man she’s loved for years is her greatest fear. If Candover insists she’s too young and innocent for a seasoned world-weary man like him, there’s no shortage of other candidates. Gentlemen of prestige and position. Gentlemen whose attentions are driving Candover to jealous distraction. Yet one abandoned moment under the stars hints that if they can put aside pride and duty, then a love once denied might just be their destiny.


Interview with Sophia Nash:


Can you tell us more about The Once and Future Duchess? What were your inspirations for this book?

I very much enjoyed the first Hangover movie. And my cousin introduced me to Entourage on television a few years ago. There was something that clicked with the movie and series of a group of male friends bonding during disaster. In addition, I’ve always wondered why the French revolution did not spark like revolutions in neighboring countries such as England. And so a series was born when an imagined bachelor party of the century incites the under classes in England to challenge the monarchy and its excesses.


What are some of your favorite things about writing this book?

Throughout the series, Candover has appeared a granite-like leader of the group of dukes. He’s harsh, demanding, dutiful, deeply ironic, with a rarely shown rapier wit. He deserves love and has been denied–twice. Isabelle is young, and fearless in the face of the daunting task of running a duchy. The two of them are perfect for one another, and yet their love is a battlefield of conflict over duty versus personal happiness.


I love reading about romances where either or both of the characters are harboring their love for the other for a long time. Do you enjoy reading romances as much as writing them? And what are some of your favorite tropes?

I’ve been known to love irony and humor during serious moments. There is something very powerful in those moments. I do enjoy reading romance. It is rare to find two heroic and deserving people, and rarer still for them to find each other and grasp onto happiness. There is something so comforting and wonderful to read a story when everything falls into place and ends in the best possible way.


Can you share with us your writing process?

It is laborious! Essentially, the facets of the story, and the characters percolate in my mind for several months before the elements of the story fall into place. At that point, I hash out a synopsis and main character sketches before commencing the rough draft. I try to write between 1,000 and 5,000 words a day, everyday, until it is finished. After a “resting” period, I reread the entire story very quickly to uncover uneven pacing and errors. I often write two or three drafts before sending it to my editor.


If you could describe your Isabelle in three words, what would they be?

Cheeky, fearless, loveable.


How about Candover? How would you describe him in three words?

Dutiful, loyal, stubborn.


If you could cast actors to play Isabelle and Candover, who would they be?

Kiera Knightley, Hugh Jackman.


Do you listen to music when you write? If this book were to have a soundtrack, which songs would you include?

I do. 

Happy (Pharrell Williams), Just the Way you Are, Brave (Sara Bareilles), I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons), Pompeii-But if You Close Your Eyes, Symphony No. 25 in G Minor—Mozart, Helplessly Hoping (Crosby Stills Nash & Young), The Long and Winding Road (Beatles).


If you’re not writing, what occupies your time?

Aside from being the mother of two children, I enjoy swimming, hiking, motorcycles, surfing, adventure travel, and anything that challenges and nurtures the muse.


Who are you favorite authors and their works?

I love so many authors—the list runs round the block! Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, William Faulkner, Hemingway, Isak Dinesen to name a few.


Do you imagine yourself writing in another genre?

I think all writers think about writing in another genre. I’ve done a few short paranormal novellas and I’ve considered contemporary fiction.


What’s in store next for you?

I am American and French. Right now I’m researching a book which would be set in France.


Do you have anything you want to share with your readers/fans?

Yes. I love hearing from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me via



His expression was unreadable. “I hope you will find it within your heart to forgive me for any anxiety I caused you.”

Thank God he had chosen not to pick apart her irrational argument.

“So why did you wait?” She continued, “I had something of importance to discuss.”

“What is it?”

“No. I want to know why you waited.”

“I, er, well . . . ”

It was a first. James tongue-tied.

“Yes?” she encouraged sweetly.

“Look, I’m not in the habit of apologizing. To anyone.”

She kept her smile in check. “Perfectly understandable.”

He examined the back of his gloved hand. “And the matter of that kiss. I would not want you to think-”

“Actually,” she interrupted. “I must thank you for it.”

He went still. “Thank me?”

“Why, yes. It gave me another perspective of how it might be done. The rear-admiral’s kiss was not very interesting. The one with you was . . . well, pleasant. And now that I know how to go about it, well, I will know what to do the next time I—”

“Isabelle Tremont,” he interrupted with a low growl, “you will only invite trouble if you creep about gardens kissing gentlemen with whom you are barely acquainted.”

“So it’s only acceptable to kiss those with whom I share a long-standing acquaintance?”

“No,” he ground out. “That moment with me was an extreme aberration. It’s not acceptable for you to kiss anyone.”

“Except my future husband?”

“Perhaps once.” He coughed. “After one is engaged.”

“And you follow these rules?”

“You know very well that each sex has its own rules.”

She smiled. “Of course I do. That is why brothels exist. And light skirts, mistresses, bits of muslin, high flyers, Cyprians, and—”

“No need to go on,” interrupted. “I won’t ask how you’ve come to know these terms.” He looked toward the ceiling as if he would find help there. “I think we’ve said all that needs to be said.”



About the Author:

SophiaSophia Nash was born in Switzerland and raised in France and the United States, but says her heart resides in Regency England. Her ancestor, an infamous French admiral who traded epic cannon fire with the British Royal Navy, is surely turning in his grave. Before pursuing her long-held dream of writing, Sophia was an award-winning television producer for a CBS affiliate, a congressional speechwriter, and a nonprofit CEO. She lives in the Washington, D.C., suburbs with her husband and two children. Sophia’s novels have won twelve national awards, including the prestigious RITA® Award, and two spots on Booklist’s “Top Ten Romances of the Year.”

Connect with Sophia Nash:

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**Avon is hosting a TOUR WIDE Rafflecopter Commenter Giveaway for TWO Digital Copies of THE DUKE DIARIES, Book Three in the Royal Entourage Series by Sophia Nash.

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