Interview, Excerpt, & Giveaway: SOMETHING SWEETER by Candis Terry


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Something sweeterTitle: Something Sweeter
Series: Sweet Texas Series #3
Author: Candis Terry
Release Date: June 24, 2014
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The men in Texas are hard to resist . . . Seattle event planner Allison Lane is an expert at delivering the perfect wedding—even if she might not exactly believe in the whole “’til death do us part” thing. When her father decides to tie the knot with a woman he barely knows, Allison heads to Sweet, Texas, to make sure his new honey is the real deal. What she didn’t expect to find at the local honky-tonk was a sexy Southern man as bent on charming her pants off as he is on blowing her “true love doesn’t exist” theory all to hell. And they always promise . . .

Veterinarian, former Marine, and Sweet’s favorite playboy Jesse Wilder takes one look at Allison and knows she’s a handful of trouble he can’t deny. But even after a sizzling kiss and obvious mutual attraction, it seems Allison has no such problem. When Jesse uncovers her sweet side, can he crush his playboy image, melt her cynical heart, and change her mind about taking a trip down the aisle?



Interview with Candis Terry:


Can you tell us more about SOMETHING SWEETER? What were your inspirations for this book?

Thank you for inviting me here today!

Writing Jesse Wilder in SOMETHING SWEETER was like a breath of fresh air. I’d just come off writing SWEETEST MISTAKE, Jackson Wilder’s story. Jackson is a super hot fireman who I ended up battling every day. The man was stubborn! And vocal. He’d say whatever he wanted and he’d always say it in the wrong way, which often made him sound like a total jerk (which he wasn’t). He and I went head-to-head. Every. Single. Day. Jesse Wilder is flirty and fun and so hot my fingertips often sizzled.

What inspired me for SOMETHING SWEETER was the characters’ motivations–a self-proclaimed playboy-for-life who meets up with a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in marriage and he has to change her mind about the whole happily ever after thing. Talk about complete opposites!


What are some of your favorite things about writing this book?

The banter between Jesse and Allison was so much fun! Jesse is this smooth-talking cowboy and Allison is a no nonsense girl who has his number from page one. Also I’ve totally fallen in love with Sweet, Texas and the characters who live there. From Jana, the Wilder brothers’ matchmaking mom, to Chester, the eighty-year-old cowboy Cassanova, to Miss Giddy, the ribbon-wearing fashionista goat. It’s always a blast to revisit them and see what mischief they’ve gotten into.


Can you share with us your writing process?

Well, I can tell you my writing process is a mess! Fortunately for me I somehow tend to work out the kinks just in time.

First I email a summarized story idea to my editor. She and I then do a little brainstorming–which may or may not end up being the final result the readers see–to try and head off any foreseeable problems. Then I jump right in and start writing. I usually write about 8-10 hours a day. But the closer it gets to my deadline that writing time can expand to as much as 19-20 hours a day. Seriously. There are nights my head doesn’t hit the pillow until 4:30 am and I’ve been writing since 8:00 am or even earlier. Before I became published I never thought about this part of the job. I’m not sure what I thought what writing full-time would be like, but pretty sure my brain never trailed off in this direction. I usually have about 4 months to finish a full-length book and about 3 weeks for a novella. But I just now handed in a book written in 3 months and I’ve realized I really need more time to let the characters and story develop.


If you could describe Allison in three words, what would they be?

Sassy. Smart. Pessimistic.


How about Jesse? How would you describe him in three words?

Does hot, hot, hot count? No? Okay, how about sexy, generous, and noble.


If you could cast actors to play Allison and Jesse in a movie, who would they be?

The entire time I wrote Jesse I pictured Chris Hemsworth, hands down. I’d have to split Allison because I visually see her as Ashley Greene (from the Twilight movies) but her big personality is all Jennifer Lawrence.


Do you listen to music when you write? If this book would have a soundtrack, what are some of the songs you would include?

Music plays a very important role in my stories and I keep a playlist for each book (all are available if you follow me on Spotify). Even though I can’t actually listen to music while I’m working I hear the songs in my head.

Here’s the playlist for SOMETHING SWEETER:

Kerosene—Miranda Lambert

Who Are You When I’m Not Looking? —Blake Shelton

Good Little Girls—Blue County

Chicks Dig It—Chris Cagle

Kissed You Goodnight—Gloriana

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long—Otis Redding

Boys ‘Round Here—Blake Shelton

Cruise—Florida Georgia Line

I Want Crazy—Hunter Hayes

Beer Money—Kip Moore

Hey Pretty Girl—Kip Moore


If you’re not writing, what occupies your time?

I live on a farm so there’s never a lack of things to do there. Also I have a big country garden. And whenever we get the chance we take our trailer and ATV out into the mountains for a little camping and fishing. During the winter months I’m watching football or hockey.


What is your favorite genre to read? Any favorite authors and their works?

I’m a self-proclaimed readaholic who needs to read someone else’s books before I can go to sleep. Sadly, on most nights I now barely make it past two pages because I’m so tired. I read all genres but my two guilty pleasures are new adult and paranormal. When I need to escape, I like to do it in a big way and I will devour any new adult book by Abbi Glines. My favorite authors in the paranormal genre are Pamela Palmer, Coreene Callahan (Dragonfury!), Kerrelyn Sparks, J.R. Ward, and Terri Garey. Some of my fav contemporary authors are Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, Kristan Higgins, Kimberly Kincaid, and newer author Codi Gary. For historical romance I can’t get enough of Julia Quinn and Sarah MacLean.


What’s next in store for you?

I just started Sweet Cowboy Christmas which will be a novella for Avon Impulse and will be out in early December 2014. Right after that I’ll begin Sweet, Texas #5, Jake Wilder’s book.


Do you have anything else you would like to share with your fans/readers?

Yes! I’d like them to know how much I appreciate each and every one of them! Truly. Getting the chance to meet the fans and readers or even receiving messages from them is what keeps me going on those nights when I’m working until 3 am and I’ve drank every last drop of coffee in the house! I think about their smiles and how happy they are when they’ve enjoyed one of my books. So while every writer, to a certain respect, writes for themselves, I’m really thinking about the names and faces I see pop up in my in-box or on my Facebook or Twitter pages. You all keep me going and I thank you for being there for my stories and me!


 Beyond the huge ranch-style home, the enormous barn, and the tall oak shade trees, Allison didn’t have far to look to find the source for her sudden racing heart. He stood about ten feet away—tall, blond, and stunning with his hair pulled back into an untidy ponytail and a hint of beard stubble dusting his masculine jaw. He wore a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a pair of jeans with specific and infinitely interesting areas worn to a faded blue. His muscular arms were folded across what she knew was a rock-solid, mind-blowing, want-to-lick-it-up-one-side-and-down-the-other chest. And the boots on his big feet were planted in the soil as if claiming his territory.

Though it seemed impossible, the man looked even tastier in the daylight.

Unfortunately, the steady scowl on his face was a clear sign that while all her girl parts might be buzzing at the mere sight of him, anything male inside of him—and she guessed there was a whole lot—was still a bit miffed that she’d pulled a fast one on him in that parking lot last night.

She’d had no choice.

She wasn’t usually a woman who had trouble saying no. But if she’d have leaned into his kiss a bit further, tasted him a little more, inhaled his warm, male scent just a smidge longer? She’d have been toast. There hadn’t been a possibility in hell that her lips would have formed the letters n and o.

“This is Jesse,” her father announced. “Our resident veterinarian. And like the other boys, a Marine.”

“Former Marine,” Jesse politely corrected her father.

The intensity of his blue eyes flipped her stomach as she extended her hand. “Nice to meet you.”

A smile brushed those chiseled lips as their palms met midair. The instant heat felt like she’d been zinged by a bolt of lightning. Electricity snapped between them, and her mind went right back to last night when she’d had to crawl inside her rental car so she didn’t crawl all over his big, muscular body.

“A handshake instead of a hug?” One sexy slash of brow lifted. “That’s not how we do it here in the Lone Star State, darlin’.”

With the ease of a man who knew exactly what he was doing, he gathered her in, and both of those strong, muscular arms went around her. Flashes of dancing within those arms and against that chest the night before zoomed back. And just like the night before, unwanted desire pinged through her system.

In that brief moment, with their bodies pressed together, she knew she’d have to put up every guard, every fence, every barrier she could find to keep her hands off the merchandise and her heart locked up nice and tight.

“Award-winning performance,” he whispered against her ear. “You always that good at faking it?”

The innuendo hit its mark.

Sometimes, when a girl met a new guy, she knew immediately whether she’d have to fake it or whether she’d get the real deal. Everything about Jesse Wilder shouted “satisfaction guaranteed.”

With as little fanfare as possible, she extracted herself from his hold. “In Seattle, we usually just say hello with a cup of coffee or a flying fish.”

“Proof that everything’s bigger and better in Texas,” he drawled.



About the Author:

CandisCandis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.

Connect with Candis Terry:

Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Website  |  Goodreads




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  1. Something Sweeter sounds like a great story. It’s hard to choose, but I’d go with Jesse the veterinarian. Any man that’s good with animals is all right by me. 😀


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