Top Ten Tuesday (29): Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV shows


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the gals at The Broke and the Bookish. For this week, here’s my… 

Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV shows…

a.k.a., the movies and TV shows I never get tired of watching again, and again, and again, and again…

My top five favorite movies…

PERSUASION (2007). This movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel stars Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones as Ms. Anne Elliott and Captain Frederick Wentworth. This is #1 on my go-to-list of movies to watch in whatever sort of mood I’m in. I love everything about this movie: from the screenplay, to the cast, to the movies, to cinematography! Movie perfection!


northa nd south 1
NORTH & SOUTH (2004). Technically this a four-part mini TV series adaptation of the Elizabeth Gaskell’s book from BBC. It stars Richard Armitage and Daniela Danby-Ashe. I love these two actors to bits. They have amazing chemistry and I love what they’ve brought to their respective characters. And that ending scene!!! You have to watch it if only for that awesome ending!


PENELOPE (2006). This is the story of Penelope, born in a very wealthy and affluent family, a family who also happens to be cursed so that the first born daughter will have the face of a pig, but who eventually fights to live a life on her own and of her choosing. I adore this movie! It has a whimsical feel to it but the story speaks of a very strong message about loving and accepting yourself no matter how you looked or how others think of you. I love vibrant colors that characterize everything in this movie, from the costume to the set. And I love Christina Ricci and James McAvoy, as well as the other supporting characters here. Peter Dinklage (of the Game of Thrones fame, among others) is in this film too.


EVER AFTER (1998). This movie starring Drew Barrymore, Angelica Huston, and Dougray Scott is an adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale. As I grew older, I found myself disliking the Cinderella fairy tale more and more. I just no longer like Cinderella, this docile, passive, and emotionally weak heroine is not someone I want my future kids aspiring to be. So I really loved this movie adaptation of the fairy tale story because Danielle (Drew Barrymore’s character is strong and courageous. She fights for what she believes in despite the odds that are against her. She’s loyal and loving. And Dougray Scott is a dream here.


pride and prejudice
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (2005). Of course this is a very well-known story but I love this particular movie adaptation. My favorite in this movie are the cinematography and the dialogue! 🙂


Honorable mentions: Never Been Kissed, Sweet Home Alabama, Tremors, Divergent, Prince of Persia


My top five favorite TV series…

NCIS (2003~). I love the cast ensemble. I love the character arcs. My favorite seasons would have to be season 7, 8, and 9 where the show really explored the individual character stories.


FRIENDS (1994-2004). I just love the laughter and heart that they brought to the viewers. The gang was wacky, hilariously funny, heartbreaking at times, and really touching almost always. My heart broke a little during that final shot of the show when all six of them put down the keys to their apartment on that tabletop.


BOY MEETS WORLD (1993-2000). This wonderful story about the ups and downs of growing up was just such a joy to watch. I grew up watching this show and I can’t help wishing I had a neighbor and mentor like Mr. Feeny as well.


PSYCH (2006~). I think I laughed my sides off when I watched the first few episodes of this series. I remember thinking that this will be a really special show. And it was, for me. The show’s smart-funny and I love the chemistry between Shawn and Gus. I think everybody wants a friendship like theirs.


SHERLOCK (2010~). It was only this year that I discovered this show and I can’t believe what I have been missing until now. What great and talented writers this show has. And Benedict Cumberbatch was really a revelation for me in this one. I did enjoy Robert Downey Jr when he played the titular role in the movie adaptations but Cumberbatch’s depiction of Sherlock is really something to look at. I’m so excited for the next season.


Honorable mentions: Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, Flashpoint, Melissa and Joey, and The Mindy Project


There you go. My Top Ten Tuesday for this week. What are yours? Leave your link in the comment section and I will definitely check them out.


26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (29): Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV shows”

  1. Ah, I adore Friends. It’s such a classic TV series. I thought Penelope was really cute too. Fantastic list!


  2. I was obsessed with seasons 1 and 2 of Sherlock, but unfortunately the latest one left me quite cold. :/ I’ll definitely watch whatever comes up next, but I don’t know, I kind of lost interest in all the hype a while ago.

    Friends seems to grace several lists this week – no wonder though since it is wonderful!

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier! 🙂


  3. The only movie I watched out of yours was Pride and Prejudice, which was impossible not to like. Psych is hilarious. I love the two of them together. And Boy Meets World is a modern classic.


    1. I discovered Sherlock only this year! 🙂 And I can’t believe people have waited very long for new seasons to come out! But I know it’s all worth it!


    1. I am also pretty excited about Girl meets World. I know it will never be the same as its predecessor but since I’ll be able to see the rest of the gang, that can be good enough for me. 🙂


  4. Umm. I feel like we should be friends. North & South? YES. Penelope? YES. NCIS? YES, YES. Ever After? Have I said YES? cause. YES. Oh, and Boy Meets World & Friends? Just, all the yeses. (!!)
    ❤ ❤ ❤ this list! (Have you ever seen Pushing Daisies? That's a great TV show that was canceled entirely too early – you'd probably appreciate the quirk!)
    Here's my Top Ten Movies, if you’d like to check them out!


    1. Yes, let’s! I’d love that! 🙂 I had heard of Pushing Daisies but wasn’t able to check it out although I do know a few about the premise of the story. I hate it when great shows get cancelled too early. Have you seen Emily Owens, M.D.? It didn’t even make it to a full season and there were so much potential in the story…


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