Interview, Excerpt, & Giveaway: THE DANGER IN TEMPTING AN EARL by Sophie Barnes


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Cover(1)Title: The Danger in Tempting An Earl
Series: At the Kingsborough Ball
Author: Sophie Barnes
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Buy Links: Amazon  |  B & N

Lucien Marvaine never thought he was good enough for Katherine. As the younger son of an earl, he didn’t have a title or prospects. Then fate steps in and gives him a second chance, and this new Earl of Roxbury is determined to make the beautiful Kate his own . . . one touch . . . one kiss at a time.

Katherine never thought of herself as a temptress, certainly not with Lucien. Why, she’s known him almost all her life! Yet as she waltzes in Lucien’s arms at the Kingsborough Ball, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Has he always been this hard and masculine? And where did those dimples come from? Kate is not looking for a husband . . . but how can she not surrender to Lucien’s charms when love is at stake?

Interview with Sophie Barnes:


What are your inspirations for writing THE DANGER IN TEMPTING AN EARL?

Each book in the At The Kingsborough Ball series is loosely based on a fairytale. The Danger In Tempting An Earl is not exception although the inspiration is far more subtle than it was in the previous books. Can you figure it out, I wonder? No? Very well then, it’s Beauty and the Beast in reverse and with the scars being on the inside rather than on the outside.


What are some of your memorable moments while you were writing this book?

Dealing with Katharine’s inner turmoil as well as Lucien’s grief – the irony that he went to war and survived while his brother and heir to their father’s title, who remained home, died from illness – was emotionally draining at times.


If you could describe Katherine in three words, what would they be?

She is kind and forgiving, though emotionally scarred.


How about Lucien? How would you describe him in three words?

He is steadfast, determined and protective.


If this book were made into a movie, who would play Katherine and Lucien?

I would probably envision them looking like Evangeline Lily and Chris Evans.


Can you share with us your writing process?

Once I’ve made a profile for each of the main characters and a chapter by chapter story outline, it pretty much consists of sitting down and writing a minimum of 1500 words per day, no exception. So…consistency and perseverance? This holds true every day of the week except weekends, which are reserved for family and friends (although I will sometimes do a bit of social networking).


What made you decide to write historical romances?

As misplaced as the perception probably is due to all the health problems and sanitation issues that existed at the time, the etiquette, gentlemanly code of honor and courtship process coupled with the lovely evening gowns, balls and overall luxury that the aristocracy was able to enjoy, creates a very romantic setting in my opinion.


Who are some of your favorite authors and their works?

Well, I love pretty much anyone who writes Regency with a sense of humor. Julia Quinn and Sarah MacLean come to mind along with Tessa Dare. I also love Katharine Ashe whose books are almost poetical in their beauty. When A Scot Loves A Lady is one of my favorites but I will always have a weakness for Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, not only because I love the book itself but because it played a big part in launching my career.


What’s next in store for you?

I’m currently working on the third book in a new series about a family who spends their summer holidaying at a massive estate/guest house for the elite. I’m calling it the Evermore Chronicles, though this is subject to change, but the gist of it is that each of the seven children in the family will find true love during their visit to Evermore Manor.


Do you want to say anything to your readers and fans?

Being able to devote my time to writing these stories is such a privilege – one I couldn’t hope to enjoy without the support of my wonderfully understanding and supportive husband. To think that in addition to him I have you – people who value my books and who find them entertaining – fills me with endless amounts of joy. So thank you, to all of you, from the very bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much, Sophie!

Thank you!


 Louise shrugged. “What can I say? I suppose there are always those who would like to turn the simplest thing into a complicated Banburry tale. Although…” The word trailed off into obscurity.

With a sigh of resignation, Katherine accepted Louise’s bait and asked the question her friend so obviously intended for her to ask. “Although what?”

“Well, if Roxberry is indeed in love with you, then he certainly planned his return with perfect timing considering that you are just now out of mourning and free to contemplate another gentleman in your life.”

“Good heavens but this is madness!” Katherine would rather eat poison than consider attaching herself to another gentleman, so the idea that this might be the consensus of the entire tonwas horrifying.

“They’re wrong, Louise. I’ve known Roxberry my entire life and I’m telling you that he has never considered me as anything more than a friend.”

Louise nodded. “Perhaps you’re right,” she said, patting her arm as if to placate her. “After all, you do know him better than anyone else so if you are certain in your assessment, then I have no choice but to trust your judgment.”

“Thank you,” Katherine managed. She felt as if she’d just run a three-legged race.

“However…” her friend added.

Oh dear God, there was more.

“From what I have heard, many believe that he quit England after the war because his heart had been so thoroughly broken by his unrequited love for you that he found it impossible to remain in your presence…let alone the same country. They say that this is the true reason why he left.” Louise wafted her fan back and forth with increased vigor.



About the Author:

Sophie BarnesBorn in Denmark, Sophie Barnes spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish, and Romanian. But, most impressive of all, she’s been married to the same man three times—in three different countries and in three different dresses.

When she’s not busy dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading.

Connect with Sophie Barnes:

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*Avon is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for Two Copies of THE SCANDAL IN KISSING AN HEIR by Sophie Barnes + Grand Prize of (The complete Kingsborough Ball collection (autographed), a black masquerade mask, a Croft & Barrow jewelry set, a grey silk shawl, bookmarks and magnets) (US only).

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