Thirsty Thursday (5 & 6): Girl Crush & Steamiest Kiss


Thirsty Thursday is a weekly feature, hosted by Nikki & Keira @ Lazy Book Lovers, where we discuss all things swoon-worthy: from quotes, book covers, book boyfriends, and even that worth-the-wait book kiss.

Due to such a busy schedule at work last week, I wasn’t able to write my post. So this week, I’m doing double-duty and posting last week’s and this week’s picks together.



10 kiss of snowGirl Crush: Sienna Lauren

Book: Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Swoon Quality: the only woman who can rattle and take on Hawke, the SnowDancers’ alpha

Why: because Sienna is one tough woman, that’s why! 🙂 You can’t even begin to imagine what she has been through and that’s before she even defected from the Psy-Net. Her rare designation makes her an even bigger asset to her trainers when she was young and then a bigger threat now. She’s fiercely loyal and protective and despite being part of the Psy race, which has denounced all kinds of emotion, she feels rather deeply, for her family, for her new-found friends and pack, and for Hawke, the man who seems so out of reach.


make believe weddingBook: Make-Believe Wedding by Sarah Mayberry

Characters: Andie Bennett and Heath McGregor

Swoon Quality: that perfect first kiss that had so much building towards it, you know it has to happen at that moment already

Andie stared at him, unable to look away as he came to a halt in front of her.

This was it. The moment where he opened his mouth and corrected the record and everyone knew she was an idiot, a fantasist, a fraud.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the words that would seal her fate. A warm weight–his hand–landed on her shoulder. She opened her eyes just in time to see Heath lower his face toward her. Then he was kissing her, his arms sliding around her as he pulled her against his chest.

Her brain went off-line, completely blown away, but her body knew what to do. Her mouth opened beneath his, her hands finding his shoulders, one sliding up to palm the nape of his neck. Heat washed over hers, commanding, demanding. She pressed closer still as she found his tongue with her own, stroking it boldly. She felt his shock, the ripple of it racing through his body, and then his tongue was in her mouth, stroking hers, and her hips were tight against his as his hand slid down to cup her butt and pull her more fully against him.

Someone cleared their throat. Heath’s mouth stilled on hers, then he lifted his head. For a moment she stared into his eyes, utterly stunned, so turned on that parts of her body literally ached with need.


The Aftermath: Sarah Mayberry writes some of the steamiest and sweetest kisses I’ve ever read. Because she writes the build up to the kiss so well and so masterfully that when the kiss actually happens, the moment is no longer just about the kiss but about where this kiss came from, what went on before this kiss happened, that ‘finally’ sigh that readers just can’t help but think, and of course, the aftermath, and how that one kiss changes everything. Writing these kinds of kisses is really a work of art for a writer, especially a romance writer, I think, and Saray Mayberry has it down to her own specialty.


That’s it for me for this week’s edition. Who are your girl crushes and what are some of the steamiest kiss you’ve ever read?

Don’t forget to check out Nikki’s and Keira’s picks last week here and this week here. My good friend Lorn @ Pakwanstripes is also doing this feature.


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