Blog Ahead! 30 Days, 30+ Pre-Scheduled Posts

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I am taking up the challenge for Blog Ahead! Blog Ahead is a ‘bloggery version of NaNoWriMo’ hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup. It will run for the whole month of November.

The basic goal of this activity is to ‘get ahead with your blog posts’ so it’s all about writing those posts early and pre-scheduling them. Thirty days of November means thirty additional pre-scheduled posts for you.

Personally, I think pre-scheduling is a gift for a blogger like me. When I was starting out with Girl meets Books, I would often write my posts a day before or on the day itself that the post is supposed to go live. Granted, I still have those days but now they’re few and far apart.

This is such a great opportunity to get those posts written well in advance and ready to go. So if you’re interested, sign up HERE and join the challenge.

Status Update:

As of November 1, I have 8 pre-scheduled posts. End-goal? 38 pre-scheduled posts! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blog Ahead! 30 Days, 30+ Pre-Scheduled Posts”

  1. Woot! Thanks for sharing the event and for joining in! ❤ And yes I am so the same way with blogging. Until last year I'd be finishing up posts at the very last second. It's so nice to not do that quite as often these days. Still happens here too but whew not nearly as nerve wracking.


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