Review: THE LOVE MATCH by Lily Maxton

the love matchTitle: The Love Match (Sisters of Scandal #3)
Author: Lily Maxton
Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous
Release Date: October 13, 2014
Source: eARC via Netgalley
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Hampshire, 1818

To her family, Olivia Middleton is a problem of the most vexing sort. With her older two sisters married off, Olivia is now the target of her mother’s matrimonial scheming. Shy and somewhat plain, Olivia prefers the thrill of a gothic novel to the hunt for a husband. And as far as her family is concerned, something must be done. But Olivia has no interest in the men paraded before her-except, perhaps, the sought-after bachelor William Cross. But she’s not about to inflate his already oversized ego by telling him so.

William has sworn never to wed, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy women. What he excels at most is flirtation… unless the woman in question is Olivia Middleton. She barely bats an eyelash at his most creative compliments. She laughs at his attempts to flatter her when other ladies would swoon. William is reluctantly intrigued by Olivia, particularly when he discovers the passion simmering beneath her wallflower facade. A passion that should be to his benefit…

Because he’s determined to impress her, by fair means or foul…


My Review:


Why did I want to read this book?

I absolutely adored The Wager, book 2 in the Sisters of Scandal novella series by Lily Maxton. That was my first book from this author so I’m really excited to read another one of hers.


What worked for me?

The chemistry between Olivia and William was so palpable and sweet. I really enjoyed reading their conversations. How much do I love them both for being such lovers of books and reading? Olivia, as the remaining Middleton sister unmarried, now carries the burden of her matchmaking mother’s antics and lessons. When they attend a house party hosted by a potential husband (as Olivia’s mother terms the titled gentleman), Olivia meets William again and this time actually has the opportunity to get to know him better. William is intrigued with Olivia as well. And I love how he sees Olivia as someone who has more to offer to the world, a person who is more than what she seemed on the surface.

While I was a little iffy about the affair between Olivia and William leading to its discovery and subsequent demands of propriety and marriage, I still appreciated the turn of the story when Olivia refuses to marry just because she had been compromised and William struggles to face his feelings, not wanting to label and acknowledge the truth of it. This conflict that they had to overcome made me believe that the happiness they reap in the end will last and stay strong.


What did not work for me? 

As I mentioned above, I was a little iffy by the suddenness of the affair but I guess a part of me still accepts it as possible because I can still find it in me to understand where they were coming from especially Olivia.


My over-all take on it?

This was an incredibly sweet love story about not compromising love and happiness just to satisfy society’s expectations and finding both in the end amid struggles. Another enjoyable novella from Lily Maxton. I heard she’s releasing a NA story next so I can’t wait to check out that one in the future.


My rating:

3-5 stars



DisclaimerI received an eARC of this book from the author/publisher in exchange  for an honest review. Yes, these are my honest and personal thoughts on this book.



About the Author:

I’m now looking out for more from Lily Maxton. This was such a great introduction to her writing and I can’t wait to read more from her. I’m definitely satisfied that I followed my instincts and requested an ARC from NetGalley of this. This was such a satisfying read for me.

Connect with Lily Maxton:

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7 thoughts on “Review: THE LOVE MATCH by Lily Maxton”

    1. It was really enjoyable but it’s really THE WAGER, the second book that I really love! 🙂 I actually haven’t read the first book yet so I’m trying to find time to read that one as well. I hope you get to try her works. And let me know what you think of them 🙂


    1. It’s a short and sweet serving of historical romance. I actually enjoy the forced marriage/marriage of convenience trope. The issue here was that as a novella, the affair seemed so fast that I didn’t get to enjoy those intermediate moments. 🙂 But these two are cute. I wish you can read this one or better yet, the second book, which is my favorite. 🙂


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