Excerpt & Giveaway: RIOT by Jamie Begley


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RIOTTitle: Riot (Predators MC #1)
Author: Jamie Begley
Publishing Date: October 24, 2014 (from Young Ink Press)
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon UK | B & N


As president of the Predators’ MC, my men and I are used to preying on the weak and those stupid enough to cross our paths. So why does a straitlaced teacher make me sit up and take notice when I see her for the first time?

The brothers all think she makes me weak, and believe me, weak in their eyes isn’t where I want to be. She wants me to prove she means more to me than the club, and when I fail, she thinks she can just walk away. She’s wrong. I’m a Predator, and nothing escapes me.


As a teacher, I’m supposed to want to educate those who want to learn, right? That’s what I believed until I was told I’d have to teach a class at the prison. I didn’t move to a town labeled as one of the safest places in America only to be faced with a bunch of Predators.

He expects me to trust him despite being the reason I’m trapped in the middle of a prison riot. His club means more to him than I ever will, and if I give him a chance, he will break the fragile peace I have managed to find. It’s not the first time I’ve had to escape a predator.





“Damn, am I seeing things?” Max’s voice drew Ice’s attention to the door. He barely managed to keep his mouth from hanging open when he saw a woman cautiously enter the room.

The lithe blond was tall for a woman. Ice gauged her to be around five-nine. She was wearing a plain, black skirt with a jacket on over a black top. Ice’s lips twitched. She looked like she was attending a funeral—her own.

She hesitantly walked towards the front of the room, placing a briefcase on the desk. When she turned to face the room, Ice sucked in his breath.

The woman was a fucking looker. The prison was crazy to let in a woman who looked like that around men whose dicks hadn’t had a woman in months, if not years. Ice knew the men would be beating off to the memory of the woman staring at the room of prisoners with a carefully blank face. She wasn’t as unafraid as she appeared, though.

Ice’s life had depended on reading people since he was a kid, and this woman was terrified. He had no idea how she had ended up teaching this course, but it was the last place she wanted to be.

“Good morning. My name is Grace Andrews. Ms. McAllistor has met with an unfortunate accident, so I will be taking her place this semester.”

Ice and Jackal shared a look. All the intel they had done on the previous teacher was now useless. Jackal nodded his head in silent communication that he would get the new information they needed on the teacher who was talking at the front of the room, describing to them what they would be able to accomplish on the computer by the end of the semester. Ice had news for her, he wouldn’t be here by the end of the semester, and she wouldn’t, either.




About the Author:

“I was born in a small town in Kentucky. My family began poor, but worked their way to owning a restaurant. My mother was one of the best cooks I have ever known, and she instilled in all her children the value of hard work, and education.

Taking after my mother, I’ve always love to cook, and became pretty good if I do say so myself. I love to experiment and my unfortunate family has suffered through many. They now have learned to steer clear of those dishes. I absolutely love the holidays and my family puts up with my zany decorations.

For now, my days are spent writing, writing, and writing. I have two children who both graduated this year from college. My daughter does my book covers, and my son just tries not to blush when someone asks him about my books.

Currently I am writing five series of books- The Last Riders, The VIP Room, Predators MC, Biker Bitches, and The Dark Souls.

All my books are written for one purpose- the enjoyment others find in them, and the expectations of my fans that inspire me to give it my best.”

Connect with Jamie Begley:

Website  |  Facebook  |  TwitterGoodreads


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Grand Prize of Harley Davidson Tee & Key Chain and $25.00 Amazon Gift Card and Runner Up will receive a Harley Davidson Tee & Key Chain

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