Blog Ahead! Final Check-In

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I have taken up the challenge for Blog Ahead! Blog Ahead is a ‘bloggery version of NaNoWriMo’ hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup and ran for the whole month of November.

The basic goal of this activity is to ‘get ahead with your blog posts’ so it’s all about writing those posts early and pre-scheduling them. Thirty days of November means thirty additional pre-scheduled posts for you.

On November 1, I started with only 8 pre-scheduled posts. The end-goal was 38 pre-scheduled posts! I haven’t been posting the updates because I was unable to do one post a day. There were days when I had zero output and days were I got to write and pre-schedule 2 to 3 posts in one day. It was a little intimidating, especially in the beginning, because 30+ posts are a lot! But I did enjoy doing this challenge and I would definitely be joining again next time.

As for the results, as of November 30, I have 27 pre-scheduled posts! *throws confetti* Even if I did not reach my end-goal of 38, having those 27 pre-scheduled posts is already a great thing. Here’s a breakdown of the posts I’ve done:

  • 13 book reviews
  • 12 book blog memes
  • 1 Bookish Survey
  • 1 Giveaway Hop

I was most ecstatic about pre-scheduling reviews. I have them marked on my Google Calendar with the color-coded green and it’s just so beautiful to see all those green entries! 🙂





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