Sneak Peek Excerpt: RIPPED by Katy Evans

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rippedTitle: Ripped (Real #5)
Author: Katy Evans
Publishing Date: December 9, 2014
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A ripped rock star with attitude. An ex-girlfriend with a reckless plan.

Pandora assumed getting her heartbroken by her bad boy ex could only happen once–until Mackenna Jones comes back to town for the biggest concert of his career. They say girls are getting pregnant just thinking about the Crack Bikini tour and it’s destined to be a huge hit.

Oh, it’ll be a hit alright–when Pandora comes out swinging. She and her friend Melanie are determined to humiliate him onstage. But when they’re caught by security and her ex is summoned, Mackenna decides not to press charges if she’ll join him on tour and follow certain conditions–rules designed to give him the upper hand and keep her in close contact with him once again. Soon, the passion they once shared is reignited, and no matter how much Pandora wants to hate him, her hard exterior starts to crack.

And worse: Mackenna knows it, too. But he hasn’t uncovered all her secrets…



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Trailer Reveal: CHASING THE TIDE by A. Meredith Walters



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Title: Chasing the Tide (Reclaiming the Sand #2)
Author: A. Meredith Walters
Release Date: December 16, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Buy Links: Amazon | B & N | Book Depository | BAM | Indiebound

***The powerful continuation of the story that began in Reclaiming the Sand- a tale of love and forgiveness and learning to over come a past that has come to define you.***

Bully and Victim

Friend and Lover

Past and Future

Ellie McCallum and Flynn Hendrick’s story was as painful as it was devastating. But they were able to find within each other an unlikely yet beautiful love. Despite the obstacles that tried to keep them apart.

And together they rose out of the ashes of their tragic history.

Now years after their life changing reunion Ellie is back in Wellston, having just graduated from college and ready to start her future with the man who taught her how to love. However, returning to a town that held so much bitterness and anger was the last place she wanted to start over.

But for Flynn, who is now an art professor at the community college and firmly rooted in the place that gave them their beginning, she’d do just about anything.

Yet it’s difficult building a life when you’ve only just learned how to live.

And love, no matter how strong, doesn’t always conquer all.

Ellie and Flynn must learn how far they are willing to go to stay together. Or whether the ghosts of the past will consume them both.

Because finding a happily ever after is harder than it seems. Particularly when you’re fighting against the one thing that could destroy you.


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Giveaway: LIFE’S WHAT YOU MAKE IT by Theresa Troutman



I’m so happy to announce that author Theresa Troutman has gifted Girl meets Books with two (2) kindle copies of her book, LIFE’S WHAT YOU MAKE IT. Check out the very enticing blurb below and join the Rafflecopter Giveaway!


Cover ~ Life's What You Make ItTitle: Life’s What You Make It (Love’s Great Adventure Series #1)
Author: Theresa Troutman
Release Date: April 28, 2014 (Kia Ora Books)

“She’s everything I’m not and everything I want to be.”

Sebastian Iron’s life is spiraling out of control. Over the course of one week Sebastian witnesses death, runs away with his best friend’s girl, gets kicked out of his English prep school and is banished to America by his domineering mother to repeat his senior year of high school.

In America, Sebastian struggles to find self-discipline and a purpose to turn his life around. He meets Tess Hamilton, the only person to show him any kindness in his new school. Little does he know, she is the savior tutor hired by his mother to help him improve his grades. The two slowly begin to build a friendship.

As their friendship blossoms, Sebastian begins to have romantic feelings for Tess. She claims to only want a platonic relationship, but Sebastian feels the undeniable spark that sizzles between them every time they are together.

Forces beyond their control will either bring Sebastian and Tess closer together or tear them apart.

Will Sebastian return to his old habits or find the strength to be the person worthy of Tess’ love.


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