Review: SOMETIMES YOU KNOW by Melinda Harris


sometimes you knowTitle: Sometimes You Know (The Fangirl Series #2)
Author: Melinda Harris
Publishing Date: July 17, 2014
Source: eARC from the author
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Sydney Campbell hates boats, almost as much as she hates unsweetened iced tea, mornings and people that insist on wearing pantyhose with open-toed shoes. But when it comes to sexy London Boys singer, Simon Young, there aren’t many things Sydney wouldn’t do. And that’s how she finds herself aboard a cruise ship to the Bahamas trying to not only win his business, but maybe even his heart.

Simon Young has spent the past four years drowning in a sea of booze and women, trying to dull the memory of a night he knows he’ll never forget. The only thing keeping him from calling it quits on life is a beloved silver locket that has somehow kept his sanity in check for nearly a decade. But it’s not until he meets his new confident and incredibly beautiful public relations manager that he feels like he can finally breathe again.

Simon and Sydney are both shocked by their instant connection, but even more surprising is how right it all seems. And now given the chance, Sydney hopes to repay a favor that changed her forever, but she may be too late. Simon may be too far gone to be brought back to life.

Only time – and a silver locket – will tell.

Note: The Fangirl Series is a stand-alone series. You do not have to read “You Never Know” prior to reading the other books in the series, but there is character crossover.




My Review:


Why did I want to read this book?

That book blurb had me so interested to find out more about Simon and Sydney, Simon especially. And a cruise is such a romantic setting don’t you guys think so too?


What worked for me?

I really enjoyed the connection between Simon and Sydney. Beyond their initial connection when they were both young, it was also interesting watching them get to know each other beyond that memory and as real human beings. I appreciate that sense of belonging with each other that I got from these two, like they haven’t found their place yet in the world or found peace within themselves until each other. And that’s just incredibly sweet and romantic.

I also think the author did a good job about the conflicts that have plagued Simon since they’re both realistic and really compelling: with him having a hard time moving on from a tragic loss in the pass and his struggle with his relationship and friendship with his band mates. These have added those layers to his character.

It was also enjoyable watching Sydney struggle with her feelings for Simon. And it was interesting to see how she transitioned from this self-proclaimed fangirl to a woman who really sees Simon for the person that he truly is and who still falls in love with anyway, beyond his fame and title.


What did not work for me?

I struggled a little with connecting with both Simon and Sydney in the beginning. I had a hard time pegging their characters and what they’re really feeling. I also had a little issue with the mixing of business and pleasure when it came to Sydney seeing as how she’s the new PR manager for the band and she just seemed to easily decide on being involved with a client. Of course I’m not saying I’m against mixing business with pleasure type of stories but I needed more of a set-up and a transition rather than an instant head-long dive.


My over-all take on it?

This was a sweet story of reconnection and finding that person who understands who you truly are even if you yourself don’t seem to at times. The journey of acceptance in this story is believable and special. I just had a hard time connecting that deeply with the characters but I hope Simon and Sydney will connect with you better than they did with me.


My rating:

3 stars 


DisclaimerI received an eARC of this book from the author/publisher in exchange  for an honest review. Yes, these are my honest and personal thoughts on this book.



About the Author:

melinda harrisMelinda Harris was born and raised in the great state of Georgia. She adores living in the South, and although she lives for road trips, she has no plans to abandon her Southern roots any time soon.

She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Economics – don’t ask – and she now resides just outside of Atlanta with her loving husband, adorable son and a very grumpy Beagle named, Herschel.

Melinda is the youngest of four, and she loves and admires her siblings, just as a baby sister should. Her family is extremely large and extremely loud, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Forever a hopeless romantic, Melinda first knew she had it bad when her imaginary love affairs between Ken and Barbie rivaled the best of plot lines on her Nanny’s soap operas. Many moons later, while on maternity leave with her son, she finally found the courage to put one of those fantasies down on paper. And within a few short months, her first novel was born.

Melinda is still new to the world of writing, but she is certain she will always be humbled by the idea of anyone – excluding her mom, of course – wanting to read her books. However, she has become quite addicted to writing and the happy escape it provides, so she can only hope a few readers will enjoy her stories too. Because like her Southern roots, Melinda doesn’t plan to abandon her new happy place any time soon.

Connect with Melinda Harris:

Website | TwitterFacebook | Blog



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