a gentleman in the streetTitle: A Gentleman in the Street
Author: Alisha Rai
Release Date: November 24, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotic
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Shameless. That’s what she was.

Billionaire businesswoman Akira Mori can get anything and anyone her heart desires. Anyone, that is, except for a certain aloof author who has been dominating her dreams for over a decade. Accustomed to Jacob Campbell’s stern disapproval, Akira has turned provocation into an art, using every trick in her arsenal to keep the man from guessing the depth of her filthy fantasies.

Shameless. That’s what she made him.

Since the moment the sexy, sultry socialite sidled up to him years ago, there hasn’t been a time when Jacob didn’t crave Akira. But as guardian to his younger siblings, responsibility has controlled his life. Confining his darkest desires to secret, stolen moments maintains his carefully disciplined world…but a cold bed is the price he pays.

A single touch is all it takes for their simmering need to explode. As secrets and fears are stripped away one by one, shame becomes a thing of the past. They find themselves becoming addicted to each other, in bed and out—a frightening prospect for a man just learning to live…and a woman who thinks she doesn’t know how to love.


My review 3

Why did I want to read this book?

The blurb sounds so deliciously sexy that I can’t help but grab myself a copy of this ebook. I love that juxtaposed difference between the aloof man who’s hiding his attraction and the independent and aggressive woman who’s desired said man despite her best efforts not to.


What worked for me?

I love the set-up because it creates lots and lots of tension. And I love tensions between the characters, both sexual and romantic ones. You’re kept wondering where the tipping point would be and it’s also great watching how the characters deal with these kinds of tension.

I love Akira. She’s an independent, strong-willed, no push-over woman who knows what she wants and has enough strength and intelligence to get it. And I love that in all her strength and well-deserved bravado, her Achilles’ heel seem to be Jacob and their tension-fraught, adversarial relationship.

Jacob, on the other hand, is one sexy man. First of, he’s a writer. And his devotion to his siblings is both so endearing and so sexy at the same time. But yeah, as the blurb says, his sense of responsibility sometimes gets him nowhere, especially when it comes to Akira, who he’s had more confusing and more consuming emotions for.

But I love how they progressed from angry taunts and show of practiced indifference to this ball of fire, full of passion and emotion. Deeper feelings get revealed and you just know there will be no going back from that point onward.


What did not work for me?

I was just a little thrown off by the heat level of this one especially when it came to Akira’s sexual preferences of menages and a bit of exhibitionism. I’m not against those plot devices in a story but I was taken a little bit by surprise that this particular story included that one. This is more my fault than the books since I should’ve double-checked the genres this book fell into. To its credit, I think it was tastefully done and that it’s always great for me to see Akira and Jacob just drop their defenses and just be with each other.


My over-all take on it?

This book definitely has its sexy moments, again my favorites are the ones fraught with all that tension. But it also has pretty emotional scenes that I think were depicted in a way that made me feel closer to the characters of Akira and Jacob. There’s great balance on that front that made this a really enjoyable read.


My rating:

 4 stars


About the author

Alisha Rai has been enthralled with romance novels since she smuggled her first tattered Harlequin home from the library at the age of thirteen. A mild-mannered professional problem-solver by day, she pens sexy, emotional contemporaries and paranormals by night.

When she’s not reading or working, Alisha loves to hang out with her close-knit family. She happily lives in a chaotic house filled with clutter, laughter, good food, boisterous kids, and very loud relatives.

Alisha adores hearing from readers! Feel free to send an email or @ her on Twitter.

Connect with Alisha Rai:

Website |  Twitter




Have you read Alisha Rai before? What did you think about the premise of this story? Is this something you think you’ll be interested in reading?

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