Back from the (unintentional) hiatus!

Hi everyone! Yes, it is me. 🙂 And I’ve missed you, guys!

I know I haven’t been that present on the blog and the in the rest of book blogging world. I have been able to post a couple of review and excerpt posts here and there since April but I haven’t really been with you guys as much as I would have wanted.

As many of you know, I made a big move last April, changing my address from one country to another. And it has been exhilarating as it was a bit challenging. I’ve successfully moved from Manila to Tokyo and so far, everything’s been really good. I’m not feeling homesick (so far!) so I guess that’s a good thing.

I haven’t been able to read books as much as I would have liked since the school semester started in April. But now that it’s summer vacation (yay!), I hope to get a lot reading done before the Fall semester starts again in October. So get ready for a lot of review posts. 🙂

It’s been a really hot summer here in Tokyo. The minute I go outside, it’s like I’m entering a sauna. I never knew humidity like I know it this season. lol! So everyday, I’m tempted to stay in my air-conditioned room and just read the day away. I have a lot of books lined up for my summer reading. Here are just some of them:

chasing impossible frisk me persuasion playing with fire uprooted nowhere but home hearts of fire i'll meet you there

I’ve also missed blogging so I hope to get back to doing this again regularly. I hope you are all enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing now wherever you are at. Until next time!

I am going to be blogging about my adventures (and misadventures) here in Japan on my other blog, so if you guys have time, you can drop by Crack-tastic Confessions, anytime!

5 thoughts on “Back from the (unintentional) hiatus!”

  1. Glad to have you back!! Hope you are enjoying Japan. It looks like you have some great books lined up for reading. I need to read Kate Meader since I love firefighter romances. Looking forward to seeing you around more.

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    1. Thanks, Renee. I’m so excited to get back to reading and blogging. And yes, you have to read Kate Meader soon! Her series is about firefighter siblings so lots of stories to read as well as to look forward to 🙂


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