Cover Love: The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long


Cover Love



Cover Love is a new feature I’m starting here on the blog and it’s basically me gushing on a book cover I’m crazy about.

I’ll be sharing all the elements I love about the cover. I hope you guys enjoy it too!



I’m going to do my first post of Cover Love with a genre that is really close to my heart. I love reading Historical Romances. It’s one of my go-to genres and a lot of my favorite authors are writers in this genre. When it comes to the covers, it can be said that the book covers of historical romance novels have evolved a great deal. Lately, what I’m loving about their covers are the vibrant colors and the dresses: the lovely, beautiful dresses that the heroines on the cover are always wearing. But then there comes a time when one among many would standout in its uniqueness. Last year, it had been the cover for Sarah MacLean’s Never Judge A Lady by Her Cover.

Now, it’s Julie Anne Long’s THE LEGEND OF LYON REDMOND!

the legend of lyon redmond

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this cover…

And now let me count the ways:

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