Let’s Talk About… Having the time to read



I just came back from a 4-month long reading and blogging hiatus since moving to Tokyo from Manila and I probably just read one or two books in those four months.

But now, we have summer break from school and I am doing a reading marathon of sorts and just powering through all the titles I had wanted to read before but wasn’t really able to because of the adjustment period and my classes.

I would have felt guilty reading during the semester…

Aside from the time constraint, I had this niggling sense of guilt whenever I thought about buying and reading a book while the semester was not yet finished. I knew I could have spared a few hours here and there to read a book but for some reason, I felt like it was cheating in a way. I came here to study so I was thinking I should singularly focus on that alone.

It was its own brand of torture not being able to read as I pleased…

For a bookworm like me, and I know most of you would be able to relate with me on this one, not being able to read had been its own brand of torture. It’s something that I’ve loved doing all my life, it’s almost surreal for me to find myself not reading a book at any time. I do read for school but of course, it’s different.

We always hear that real life gets in the way of reading sometimes…

Preach it! But at the same time, after the feeling of torture passes ^_^, the books are there to be a symbol of good things to look forward to.

Do you ever experience that feeling like you don’t have enough time to read? Either it’s a feeling of ‘too many books, too little time’ or simply that real life do tend to get on the busy side and you have to leave reading aside for a while or a long time? I wonder how you guys manage your priorities when it comes to responsibilities outside of blogging and the fierce need to just read.



Let me know what you guys think… 🙂



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Having the time to read”

  1. You know right now, I have some time for reading, not as much as I would like since I recently went to a self hosted site and still working on maintenance for it. But hopefully I will be done in a couple weeks and things will start to get back to my normal rythym. My goal has always been to read a book a day. I know that sounds like a lot…but really I work 7-8 hours, I sleep 7-8 hours, there is still quite a bit of time left to do what I need or want including getting in my reading time. I am trying to juggle exercise and blogging and my studies. But it can get difficult getting a balance!!

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