Let’s Talk About… Authors releasing more than one book a year



I was so tempted to put ‘Multiple Releases’ in the title and my sometimes-naughty-little-mind gave me a hard time on that one. lol! But kidding aside, authors releasing more than one book a year has become the way of publishing for many authors these past few years.

Gone were the days when we had to suffer year-long waits…

Do you guys still remember that time where you wait and wait for a book from a favorite author? In fact, you wait for a whole year for the new release. When you get your hands on the book, you read it in the span of hours, and then you’re left waiting for another year for the following release.

Now, authors are releasing more and more books within a year…

But now, that cycle takes fewer and fewer time and authors are releasing more and more books within the year. And for me, this is a great thing! I can never get enough of the books from my favorite authors and more books from them = me as a very happy person. I’ve read a couple of discussions in the past about this trend and people talked about how the demand in the publishing world just keeps getting higher and higher so authors are ‘encouraged’ to produce more and more books if they wanted their readers to recall them. And in a way, I kind of see the logic in this one.

But will quantity trump quality?

The continuity of fan love/reader love seems much stronger for those authors who remain very visible, in terms of work published. But having said that, I also know that it’s not only about the ubiquity of an author’s name in the newly published book list because no matter which angle you come from, quality still trumps quantity. I also still believe that readers are clever, highly intelligent people, who would rely on the quality of the work rather than on whether you get to read 3 or 5 books from this author in one year.

As a reader, I would say that I am always thrilled when authors release more and more books within a year but it doesn’t stop me from expecting great quality from them. And I am lucky and very, very happy to say that a lot of my favorite authors who have, indeed, been releasing more and more books within a year, are still able to maintain that quality of writing that I’ve come to love and appreciate from their works. Some that come to mind are Lauren Layne, Laura Florand, Elle Kennedy, and Tessa Bailey, among many others.

And then there are still some of that year-long waits…

But alas, there are still some authors who do follow the year-long gap between their releases. I’m not familiar with how exactly they schedule their book releases but for my favorite authors, whose works I shall read no matter the time gap, it basically boils down to how much I really, really love their writing. Some that come to mind with this are authors like Nalini Singh, Anne Bishop, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Marie Rutkoski, and Maggie Stiefvater. I will wait until whenever they’re ready to release their books because I know they’ll give me nothing but their best. And basically, that’s what all of us readers wish for from our beloved authors, right?

What are your thoughts on these…

Have your favorite authors transitioned from one-book-per-year releases to multiple-ones-a-year releases? Did anything change in so far as the quality of their work goes? What do you think about this trend in the publishing world?


Let me know what you guys think… 🙂



10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Authors releasing more than one book a year”

  1. Most of my favourite authors are still releasing a year or several in between books and I’m pretty much okay with that. The thought of waiting is always exhausting of course so I think the key is not to think about the wait too much and keep busy by finding other books to read.

    I do think that quality suffers when authors release multiple books in a year, although there are a few who could be an exemption. Still, I’d rather wait long for something outstanding than less for something disappointing. Great discussion, Camille!

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  2. I have mixed feelings about this. In all honesty I would much prefer to wait longer for a book that has better quality. As much as I hate waiting , but then there are some authors that can pop em out faster than kids haha

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  3. I hear you, Tessa Bailey and Elle Kennedy are among my favorites ! Yet… there are so many books released each year, how can we keep up ? I read a lot of 4 or 3 stars, but not that many 5 stars. So maybe I’d prefer if authors published less novels, but greater ones. Of course, it’s a completely stupid idea, because when an author writes a book, I guess she/he feels obliged to write it because of the inspiration ? Or maybe I’m not picky enough ! Anyway, I’m slowing down these days, trying to buy less books and be more picky 😉
    Great topic, I’ve already been thinking about this 😀 !

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    1. I hope you do enjoy the books you pick. I’m cramming the books this summer because when school starts again in October, I’ll be lucky to read more than one or two a month. But I always welcome more books from my favorite authors. 🙂

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