Cover Love (2): The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler


Cover Love



Cover Love is a new feature I’m starting here on the blog and it’s basically me gushing on a book cover I’m crazy about.

I’ll be sharing all the elements I love about the cover. I hope you guys enjoy it too!



I actually haven’t read any of Sarah Ockler’s books and while I do enjoy an occasional fairy tale retelling, I don’t actively seek books on that them. This cover didn’t so much as get on my radar the first time I saw it but when I recently read reviews (mixed reviews, actually) about it I got curious and then I got to seeing the cover in an entirely different light. So here’s why I’m swooning over this cover of Sarah Ockler’s THE SUMMER OF CHASING MERMAIDS.

chasing mermaids



  1. The beach sand with the shells really grew on me. At first, I thought it was kind of too childish but I love that there’s an element of quaintness about it that spoke of peace of mind and relaxation. And of course, it echoed again the Little Mermaid theme.
  2. This might be a little on the overkill side but still worked for me was the book with the mermaid cover lying beside the guy. I was able to accept it because I could imagine these two people just lying on the beach together, the guy reading the book while the girl wrote songs (or anything) on the paper/notebook lying on her side and just generally being together while they do their own thing.
  3. I love the two kids who play our main characters on the cover. I wouldn’t have a problem imagining these two in my head when I do read the book.
  4. And of course my favorites are the non-verbal gestures on that shot of the two. First, I love that they’re holding hands. At some point, (or I really had poor eyesight) it took a couple of seconds for me to understand whose hand was whose. But I did kind of liked that feeling that I didn’t know which is which, because it got me to thinking about how nice it was that I didn’t know when one ended and the other began; they were that close. I also love how her other hand was on his shoulder/upper arm. Because it really looks like a cuddle or embrace.
  5. But what I completely adore is the way they are staring at each other. The feels have already reached me! It makes me want to understand these two. It makes me want to know what they are both thinking at that moment. It makes me want to wish that there’s a scene exactly like this in the book!


You can click on the cover for the Goodreads blurb.


What do you guys think about this cover? Have you read this book or any other books from Sarah Ockler? What do you think about fairy tale retellings?


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