Cover Love (3): The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner


Cover Love



Cover Love is a new feature I’m starting here on the blog and it’s basically me gushing on a book cover I’m crazy about.

I’ll be sharing all the elements I love about the cover. I hope you guys enjoy it too!



I’m going to do a little Throwback Thursday for this week’s edition of Cover Love and giving all my squeals to the awesome cover of one of my favorite books of all time: Megan Whalen Turner’s The King of Attolia.

the king of attolia


The Queen’s Thief series is one of my favorite series of all time. All the books were just superbly thought out and written. I’d recommend this series to everyone in a heartbeat. So let me get on to the reasons I am also completely in love with the covers of these books and today, I’m just going to focus on the third book’s cover.

  1. The color scheme is amazing. When we talk of kingdoms and royalty, the first color that comes to mind would be gold, right? And the cover did just the right amount of color here. There’s the gold pieces of jewelry, the golden hilt of the sword, the linings and details of the clothing.
  2. I love that the character’s eyes is hidden but we can see his face and his wounds on his cheek and hand. It gives us a feel that even though it looks like that the book title’s talking about him as the king, it also looks like he’s the kind of king that goes into battle and not one who just gives order from the safety of his throne.
  3. I also love that grip on the sword. When we look at the part of the face that’s visible to us, it seems that the character is not that old. But I love that he grips that sword with such purpose and strength.
  4. And of course, my ultimate favorite in this cover is that hand on his shoulder. I absolutely love it. And if you’ve read the series or at least until the second book, you’d probably know why. I am swooning just thinking about this cover. I love that it gives us a picture of their pose: the character holding the sword is sitting down (on a throne, probably) and that hand on his shoulder is probably his wife’s, don’t you think so too? I love what that signifies; that she’s standing by him, to be there for him and support him.


You can click on the cover for the Goodreads blurb.


What do you guys think about this cover? Have you read this series? If not, you’ve got to start right now! 🙂


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