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The year that was and the year that has come

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted and to be honest, 2017 was not a good year of blogging for me. (Or if I’m really being honest, I haven’t done much blogging at all.) I’ve been so busy with grad school work as well as I’ve lost some steam and motivation for blogging. I’ve read how this kind of burnout has affected other bloggers as well. I can’t say for sure that this new year will be different, at least for my blogging routine but here’s me trying again; trying to remind why I started blogging about books in the first place.

Anywho… I was not able to read much in 2017. I don’t even want to look at my TBR backlog but I’d like to mention some books that I was able to finish and loved after reading (and hopefully be able to write full reviews on them as well). I also want to talk about books that I am excited for for 2018.

Sooooo… here we go!



The Q, I loved so much that I couldn’t help but write a post about it and share it with you guys. It was just so refreshing and just heartwarming reading this  book.

The Bird and the Sword was such a surprise read because it was better than I was expecting it to be. I loved the whole character dynamics in this story.  Continue reading The year that was and the year that has come

Catching Up With Me


 to-love-and-to-cherish sparking-the-fire

So first up, I’m currently reading these two books from two of my favorite authors of all time. They’re both part of a series and I have to say that it feels good reading something great from authors whose work you’ve followed since the beginning. I haven’t had that much time to read these past year but getting to read Lauren Layne and Kate Meader feels like coming home.

And now, for the Catch Up With Me time…

Hi guys! Long time, no… everything. I am so sorry to have taken such a long hiatus from blogging. I have no excuse but just to say that sometimes you get caught up in real life (lol) and I wasn’t able to maintain the balance I wanted when it came to blogging. To be honest, at this point, I’m still not sure how often I can post but I’ll try my best to share my love for books, still.

The semester’s about to start and they say the first one is the busiest but I will try to push through. Seriously, I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed the community. I’ve missed reading. And I’ve definitely missed blogging. I also want to start blogging about my life in Japan. I think I’ve mentioned it before, around last year maybe, but yeah, again, I wasn’t able to accomplish that too. T____T I’m crossing my fingers this time around.

So that’s it for today. Tell me what you guys are reading lately. Send me your links and I’ll surely visit your posts and comment. 🙂

Can I survive a ‘Me Before You’ sequel?

After YouSo I just learned that author Jojo Moyes will be releasing a sequel to ME BEFORE YOU titled AFTER YOU.

Even the titles alone are making my heart hurt already. It’s not really the titles per se, although, my gosh, they do get you in the heart and they make you feel this emotion that seems to be dedicated just for this story.

It’s the feels, oh my gosh, the FEELS that are now breaking through my consciousness again and making me remember just how much this book broke me, just splintered me into tiny little pieces. I can still remember how it felt after I finished reading Me Before You and after learning that there’s going to be a sequel? I don’t know if my heart can take any more. I really don’t. But the curiosity might just be the end of me because of course I want to know what happens to Lou next. I want to know what happens in After You.

Have you read Me Before You? Did you know the author is going to release a sequel? Do you think you’ll read it? Are you just as anxious and/or excited about it as I am?