Excerpt & Giveaway: THE HOLIDAY HEARTS COLLECTION by Kristen Ethridge


*Win a lucky four leaf clover necklace, just like Lisa is given in Lucky in Love. USA residents only, please. The giveaway runs 4/15/14 – 4/29/14.

holiday_hearts_coverTitle: The Holiday Hearts Collection
Author: Kristen Ethridge
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Buy Link: Amazon

The Holiday Hearts Collection…Stories that celebrate finding love on some of the most special days of the year. In this collection of three Amazon Holiday Fiction Best-Sellers, prepare to make a New Year’s resolution for love, find Cupid where he’s least expected, and win a happily ever after in lucky Las Vegas.

New Year’s Eve: Love Was a Resolution They Didn’t Plan on Making

Eve Larson arranged a solitary New Year’s celebration at her mother’s beach house to give herself the space to evaluate her recent hurts—the death of her mother and a broken engagement. She wants nothing more than to put them behind her and make a fresh start on January 1. When her ex-fiance’s brother, Spencer Canley, shows up with one final demand from her past, Eve worries her plans are sinking like a ship off her beloved Texas coast. Circumstances keep Spencer at the beach longer than either of them initially want, but the delay gives each of them the opportunity to see the other in a different light. As Spencer makes a decision that changes everything about his upcoming year, he realizes he doesn’t want to repeat his brother’s mistake of pushing Eve away. A year ago, the changing of the calendar brought news that changed Eve’s whole life. Could this new year bring love back?
(New Year’s Eve is a novella)

The Cupid Caper: Sometimes you’ve got to take Cupid’s bow and arrow into your own hands

Amanda Marsh is in love with love. She knows she’ll never find anything as romantic as the stories she teaches that have stood the test of time, so she’s settled on having a crush on chemistry teacher Luke Baker from afar. Luke Baker left his career as a research chemist behind to share a love of science with students. When a poem shows up on his desk drawing him into The Cupid Caper, the Valentine’s Day-themed dance and fundraiser for Skyview High School’s Student Council, Luke dismisses the whole thing as a silly game. But when he realizes that winning the grand prize in The Cupid Caper is the one way he can help a star student attend the new STEM Academy, he decides to play along. When an education in happily ever after is on the line, will a man whose life has been ruled by the scientific method and a woman who quotes sonnets miss the mark, or will Cupid’s arrow finally ring true?
(The Cupid Caper is a novella)

Lucky in Love: What happens on this vacation may not stay in Vegas

Being whisked off to Las Vegas for Spring Break was not in drama teacher Lisa Fleming’s plans. Especially when she discovers her eighty-nine year old grandmother has secret plans to marry her retirement home-bound first love. Ryan McBride has spent his adult life calling everyone else’s bluff from a seat behind a poker table, but now he’s ready to do something different—he just doesn’t know what. When his grandfather brings his online bride-to-be to Las Vegas, along with her granddaughter, and announces a wedding the same week of Ryan’s last tournament, Ryan may just find that his luckiest break ever was the one he never saw coming.
(Lucky in Love is a full-length book.)

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Guest Post, Excerpts, & Giveaway: WINDS OF BETRAYAL Series by Jerri Hines


Girl meets Books is happy to host the WINDS OF BETRAYAL, an Adult Historical Fiction series self-published by author Jerri Hines. We’ve got blurbs and excerpts from all the books and a Guest Post from the author as she talks about her inspiration for the entire series. Plus, Giveaways!

cryforfreedomfinalTitle: The Cry for Freedom (Book 1)
Publication Date: February 7, 2013
Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

The winds of change brews over the colonies. Tension against the crown is mounting daily. In Williamsburg, the rebellion burns strong in the hearts of two siblings, Jonathan and Hannah Corbett. Spirited and headstrong, Hannah finds herself thrust in the middle of a conspiracy when her father receives a strange package from Philadelphia. Jonathan, a physician for the Continental Army, is torn between duty and family. With war looming on the horizon, the siblings soon discover there is a high price to be paid for the cry for freedom.

The Saga continues….



embraceenemyfinalTitle: Embrace of the Enemy (Book 2)
Publication Date: November 2013
Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

It’s a dangerous game you set to play, Miss Corbett. One that can have far worse than deadly consequences!

In the midst of the struggle of America’s bid for independence, Hannah Corbett makes a fateful decision, descending into a world of deceit. Spurred by revenge, she heads to New York, setting in motion a dangerous game for which there is no return. Searching desperately for the man who betrayed her family, she faces the cold and brutal reality of the life of a spy. Caught in a web of lies, living with betrayal, she is trapped. She has nowhere to turn except to a man it would be treasonous to love, setting duty and desire at war. Her heart is ripped apart when she must choose between the man who risks his career and life to protect her and the only thing that has remained constant in her life…her belief in her cause.



kissofdeceitfinalTitle: Kiss of Deceit (Book 3)
Publication Date: August 2012
Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

The tides of war have shifted. When all eyes turn south, Doctor Jonathan Corbett finds himself once more thrust into the war’s turmoil. On assignment from General Washington, the dashing doctor discovers his mission has taken him straight into a conflict where the British are not the only ones to be feared.

Rebekah Morse has no time to contemplate the exploding war around her. Caught up as a pawn in a deadly conspiracy, she finds her only hope lies with her old friend, but things have changed since they last saw each other.

Yet destiny has not intervened in their lives without cause. Rebekah’s strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality set within Jonathan a desire he swore never to feel again. When Rebekah’s life is threatened, Jonathan is determined to save the stubborn woman whether she wants to be saved or not. Now Jonathan and Rebekah must face the perilous threat together—only to discover a passion they never imagined…



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“Waiting On” Wednesday (24): MIDNIGHT ACTION by Elle Kennedy

New WoW

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that spotlights eagerly anticipated upcoming releases.

This week’s spotlight is on:

midnight action 


Release Date: November 4, 2014

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

She’s got a broken heart…
and a fully loaded arsenal….

Ex–army ranger Jim Morgan leads a team of elite mercenaries, but eighteen years ago in Paris, he was part of a black ops unit whose mission was to hunt down a rogue operative. In order to trap the criminal, Jim seduced Noelle, the man’s daughter—a ruthless act that cost him the love of his life and turned her into a mortal enemy. Now he can’t trust her, but he still desires her. He also needs her help….

Older, wiser, and unwilling to play the fool again, Noelle runs a group of highly skilled assassins. And she’s just been offered the hit of the century: Eliminate Jim Morgan. History gives them no reason to trust each other, but with their lives in jeopardy at the hands of a common enemy, the lines between love and hate are soon blurred. Now Noelle and Jim must face the past if they want to have a future—let alone a future together.


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